We have engaged by clients ranging from the following industries:

Government Sectors

Financial Sectors

Non Profit Organizations



Professional Services

Case Studies

A Leading Insurance


Stock Exchange in an ASEAN country

An Asian-based multi-strategy investment group

The Issue

External hackers and malicious insiders stealing their customer data and other sensitive business information; Need to safeguard business secrets and satisfy new regulatory requirements.


Our Approach

Information Security Consultancy Services – Shifting the focus of protection from “computers” to “business information”.

Business interviews, Document Review, Gap Analysis of current IT security posture and regulatory requirements, Internal and External vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, Verification of remediation effort after implementation of our recommendations. Developed a system to detect, monitor and respond to security incidents.


The outcome & benefits

Management has a peace of mind knowing that their business information is safe.

Achieving PCI DSS Compliance.

Development of an online sharing platform which enables business expanding to other geographical locations.


The Issue

Security concerns over the launching of a New Trading Application. Need to fulfill Monetary Authority requirements on safe use of trading applications. Need to be compliant with Monetary Authority’s regulations.


Our Approach

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing Service - Using tools from the hackers’ community, commercially available security assessment tools, as well as tools developed by our consultants, we performed a vulnerability assessment and penetration test against the client-server program.

After that, we provided feasible remediation recommendations on security findings. Answer to Monetary Authority’s concerns and questions.


The outcome & benefits

Peace of mind in using the New Trading Application. Pass audit and compliance requirements of the monetary authority. Increasing profit for the stock exchange because the use of the new trading application allows them to process more transactions than before.


The Issue

Security incident caused by a resigned (and disgruntled) employee.


Our Approach

Computer Forensic and Network Investigations Service - Gathered evidence proofing the identity of, and the actions performed by, the attacker. Created a timeline listing out the chronology of events and explained to management the impact of the attacks; drafting of witness statements and expert witness reports. Provided litigation support to legal counsels and regulatory authorities.

Malware scans and vulnerability assessments on the whole company’s computer system; identify security loopholes; provided recommendations on how to fix the identified security loopholes so as to prevent similar incident from happening again the future.


The outcome & benefits

Peace of mind for management knowing that the security loopholes exploited by the disgruntled employee were fixed and that their computing environment is now safe.

Created an ongoing security practice that allow management to bring down the level of cyber risk significantly to an acceptable level, and yet flexible enough to allow them to continue their business as usual.


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